Cosplay: Mosquito Girl

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When Mosquito Girl made an appearance in “One Punch Man,” I was instantly entranced by her. Her character design was all at once beautiful, elegant, sexy, grotesque, and straight-up bizarre. Even though she appears for a maximum of 5 minutes and then dies (which I was quite disappointed with, since she had so much potential to be developed as a villain), she made a huge impression on me, so I knew I had to tackle her.

Her anime design is a simplified version of what she looks like in the manga, and as much as I wanted to replicate her manga appearance, it was too overwhelming for me to tackle it with my current skillset, so I stuck with her anime appearance.
First, I created her bodysuit with white spandex and Yaya Han’s bodysuit pattern, and sewed all the pieces together with a serger. A 22” invisible zipper was installed in the back. I mixed black and purple Jacquard fabric paint and painted the designs on the bodysuit. Because I was so frustrated with fabric paint, was short of time, and knew no one ever takes photos from the back, I ditched my plans to paint designs onto the back of the bodysuit and focused only on the front, and also painted the black bands on her thighs.
The compound eyes of the helmet was created out of two 8” styrofoam half-spheres that I cut and used barge cement to attach together, and coated with black gesso, diluted Elmer’s glue, and then more black gesso. I attached a piece of eva foam around the styrofoam balls, and created a proboscis out of craft foam and coated it with wood filler and Elmer’s glue. I used worbla to mold those textured ridges on her helmet and tried to make it look organic. I painted everything with acrylic.
The crazy long arms were made out of eva foam, which I cut, heated, and attached together with a combination of barge cement and wood filler. After coating with Elmer’s glue, I painted them.
For the wings, I cut and bent 16-gauge wire, wrapped everything with electrical tape, and then used a spray adhesive to attach iridescent cellophane sheets before hot-gluing all the edges shut.
Since I don’t have that many joints on my legs the way she does (I am human, haha!), I decided to leave out the crazy details from the thighs-down, and just wear stilettos.

I have mixed feelings, as there are plenty of things I wish I could improve on. However, it was very fun for people to recognize me as Mosquito Girl. People have even told me they were wondering if any cosplayer was going to try tackling Mosquito Girl, and were really happy to see me as her. I loved bonding with other One Punch Man cosplayers and geeking out over the series. There’s a lot to learn, and I’m improving with crafting, and it was overall a fun experience. Maybe I’ll make a second version at some point!