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Represented in voiceover by Jasmine Greene of Jackson Agency. For bookings, please contact jasmine@tja.agency

Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB audio interface

Microphone: CM25 MkIII condenser microphone

Headphones: HP60 MkIII closed-back headphones

DAW: Audacity

Hardware: Dedicated MacBook Pro

Connectivity: Source Connect Standard, Skype, Zoom, Discord

Booth Treatment: TroyStudio Vocal Booth Box

Internet Speed: 52.59 mbps download, 5.64 mbps upload

*"Deja Ortega: Oddsbreaker," audiobook narrator
*“The Clock Watcher” film, Lead as Aria, Jabari Diarra
*10 “Low-Buy” Rules I’m Following To Be Debt-Free, Narrator, The Financial Diet
*Carmilla Jo’s Cosplay Corner, Podcast Host
*The C is for Community, Madison, DarkTreeAudio
*Poweropolis, Lum, DiiamondPlus
*Journey of the Scroll, Ni’Ana, Tofu Sheets Visual
*The Fire Master: Dr. Flame, Hyena-Girl, RB Comics Group Production
*Lore Olympus Fandub, Artemis and Alecto
*Badman: The Darkest Knight, Vikki Bale, Brep
*Batman: Shadow Of Gotham (Minecraft Dc Comics Roleplay Youtube Movie), Vicki Vale, Skystone Network
*“The Clock Watcher” pilot, Lead, Jabari Diarra

*Karen Lyu: General American diction and singing
*Michael Yurchak: character and commercial
*Cathi Colas: audiobook
*Auditioning for Anime Voice-Over Workshop, taught by Marissa Lenti
*The Art of the Bookable Read, taught by David Sobolov
*ADR from Home Workshop, taught by Tony Oliver
*Voice Acting Workshop, taught by Crispin Freeman
*Pan Theater Oakland Improv
*Femprovisor Fest Being Bad: Villain Workshop led by Jessica Arjet
*Oakland Comedy Festival Character Psychology led by Jill Eickmann
*Leela Improv, Levels 1-4, taught by Diana Brown, Steven Burnett, & Jill Eickmann
*Such a Voice: Commercial and Character Voiceover, taught by Michael Yurchak and Lisa Foster