Full name

Carmilla Jo


Alternative Model & Cosplayer


San Francisco Bay Area


Growing up as a goth and Disney geek, Carmilla Jo has been an alternative model since 2011. Inspired by her love for fantasy and the avant-garde, she has evolved as not just a model, but also as a stylist and creative producer, teaming up with creative individuals around the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Taipei. By taking creative control in her works, she has yielded numerous publications, interviews, and cover features.

Also a cosplayer, she is building her craftsmanship skills, and regularly attends anime conventions in the Bay Area, in addition to continuing to collaborate with fellow ambitious creatives for more elaborate and other-worldly photoshoots.

FAQ: http://carmillajo.tumblr.com/faq

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“Thank you for working with me. You’ve made me a better photographer and keep me in love with photography.”
–Terrence Taylor, photographer

“Jo is a wonderfully committed and amiable person to be around and work with. She shows up when she says she will and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Her enthusiasm and open-mind makes her a invaluable addition to any team. Her sharp communication skills and adventurous and ambitious spirit give her the initiative and drive to carry through on plans, try new poses and build strong relationships, beautiful, original photos and memories with her colleagues. You’re lucky if you have her on your team, no doubt.”
–Terry Alabata, makeup artist

“Thank you for always collaborating with me, Jo! You always bring my ideas to life! You are a great model to work with; very easy-going and absolutely a pleasure to be around. Keep up the fantastic work!”
–Emily Nguyen, photographer

“Carmilla Jo modeled for Prince Noir for the Judas Fashion show and was very compliant and willing to work! We later used her for the Judas photoshoot and she always gave her best. We worked with her again in another photoshoot with a custom PN dress and PN’s BJDs. She was very loving to our items and respected the photographer, makeup artist, and designers. She’s very friendly and was easy to get along with, making the shoots go even easier. We will be using her again for more shoots!”
–Prince Noir, designer

“Thank you so much for collaborating with Roezi and I today, my dear! You are a true joy to work with. Your sweet and friendly nature really made all the difference while shooting!
You put your heart into it, were open to ideas and picked up on directions easily…along with throwing in a few ideas of your own along the way! Always a good thing!!
It was really an honor to work with you, hope we get to do it again soon!!”
–Bridgette Marie, photographer

“I was so so lucky to work with you Jo, you are wonderfully outgoing and professional, friendly, beautiful, and sweet as can be. You were fun to be around and have a fantastically versatile look. I cannot wait to shoot with you again!”
–Roezi Rebel, photographer/makeup artist/stylist/retoucher

“Thank you for the lovely shoot. You came with some ideas and were an absolute pleasure to work with. And your flexibility is astounding!!!
I’m very happy with our photos!”
–Keira Grant, photographer

“Carmilla and I collaborated for a photo shoot for my jewelry line, Ghostlove, in September 2012. I could not be more pleased with her professionalism and attention to detail. I would definitely work with her again.”
–Dawn Rozakis, chief designer / owner Ghostlove Jewelry

"Thanks for that great shoot. You were easy to work with and we got some really good images. Quite the muse for one so young... cheers!"
--Audette Sophia, founder of Catalyst Arts

“Carmilla is a pleasure to collaborate with! Ready to go from having fun, to straight business, this girl will do what it takes to get “the shot”.
Would work with her again in a second! Go girl <333”
–Lauren Wilkinson, Photographer


Cosplay Guest

Anime Destiny 2017, November 5


Cosplay Guest

Kin-Yoobi Con 2017, August 6


Cosplay Guest

ASAHi Con 2017, April 1


Cosplay Guest

Anime Destiny 2016, November 13



BA in Integrative Biology

UC Berkeley

· 2011 – Present


Modeling, Creative Director, Creative Producer, Costume Designer, Wardrobe Stylist, Makeup Artist

2017 1st Place , Headsets.com
2017 Craftsmanship Judge’s Award , FanimeCon Masquerade
2017 3rd Place Overall , Sac-Anime Masquerade
2016 Judge’s Award , Animation on Display (AOD) Costume Contest
2016 Director’s Choice , FanimeCon Masquerade
2015 Best Novice , Kraken Con Fall Costume Contest
2013 Dark Image of the Day, Artist’s Choice , Model Mayhem